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MS/HS Parents: Saturday School Points are now available to see on the Parent and Student Portal! Saturday School Points are only given to Middle School and High School students, so if you have an elementary student, this will not pertain to you. 

If you are using the app: click on the 3 lines in the top left corner, click on More, click on Saturday School Points. If you have more than one student in Middle School/High School you can toggle between students on the top right corner of the screen. If your student(s) do NOT have any points, the Saturday School Points option will not show up for you under More. We cannot set this up to notify you when your student gets a point, so you will need to check back periodically. 

Just a reminder that points reset each semester. So if your student had 4 points at the end of December, they will start back in January with 0. You will see last semester's points and the current semester in the portal, so just make sure you are looking at the date of each event. It will also show how many points your student received, the teacher giving the point(s), and why they received them. 

Points can be given for behavior issues, or not following classroom rules. But they are also given for tardies. A student will start to receive points after being tardy 3 times. Those 3 times aren't per class. So if they are tardy twice 1st hour and once 5th hour, they have now used up their 3 "free" tardies. The next time they are tardy for any hour, they will be given 2 Saturday School Points. Mrs. Lane will add the tardy points once a week on the first day of the school week.