Parent Teacher Conferences

This year's  Spring parent-teacher conferences will again be utilizing the scheduling program YouCanBookMe for sign up.  Elementary conferences can be scheduled in 15-minute segments and MS/HS are set up for 10 minutes.  Rather than Mrs. Lane scheduling times for families, each family will have the ability to schedule their own conferences.  We will also be utilizing Zoom as an option for a remote conference.  Parents and staff share that they appreciated the flexibility this format allows.  Zoom conferences can happen at work, or remotely from home.

We anticipate staying on schedule may be a challenge for everyone.  We ask that even though conferences are scheduled in 10 & 15-minute blocks, we limit a conference to 7 & 10 minutes.  This allows teachers to get logged on to Zoom or prepare for their next conference.  To get enough timeslots, we will have NO school for JK-5th and a 12:30 release for 6th-12th grade students on Feb 17th

In summary:

  • ALL conferences are scheduled by parents
  • No School for JK-5th grade students Feb 17th
  • 12:30 release for 6th-12th grade students Feb 17th 
  • All Conferences are EITHER via Zoom OR In-person
  • MS/HS parents are still welcome to “just show up” but will be limited to available times not already pre-scheduled
  • Please limit each Elementary conference to 10 minutes
  • Please limit each MS/HS conference to 7 minutes
  • Elementary Conference link :
  • MS/HS Conference link:

We are excited to continue to offer this technology for the efficiency and flexibility it allows. We also appreciate your patience as we all remember how to navigate the process.  If you have questions or need help getting set up, please let me know, I am happy to help.

Roby Johnson


Warner School District 6-5



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